🔥2-Way Straightening & Styling Iron🔥
🔥2-Way Straightening & Styling Iron🔥
🔥2-Way Straightening & Styling Iron🔥
🔥2-Way Straightening & Styling Iron🔥
🔥2-Way Straightening & Styling Iron🔥
🔥2-Way Straightening & Styling Iron🔥
🔥2-Way Straightening & Styling Iron🔥
🔥2-Way Straightening & Styling Iron🔥
🔥2-Way Straightening & Styling Iron🔥

🔥2-Way Straightening & Styling Iron🔥

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NO BLOWDRYER NEEDED The only wet-to-dry styler that utilizes patented rotating technology to straighten, add curls, and waves, while simultaneously drying hair. Skip the blow drying and easily get that coveted blowout look. MAX WET TO DRY dries by whisking water out of towel-dried hair and safely venting it away. The innovative 2-way rotating technology ensures easy styling in the natural direction of the hair, maximizing the smoothing and polishing performance to deliver a super soft and shiny finish. FASTER, HEALTHIER STYLING Our innovative technology uses constant motion to perfectly style without crushing the hair between two scorching hot plates. With 360° of straightening power, MAX WET TO DRY allows you to style faster and exposes your hair to less damaging heat. The tourmaline ceramic heated plate allows MAX WET TO DRY to maintain a consistent heat up to 425°F for maximum speed and styling efficiency. FRIZZ-FREE FINISH Innovative wet-to-dry ionic bristles emit ions to reduce frizz and deliver maximum shine. The rounded design of the barrel prevents crushing and creasing, resulting in salon-worthy, healthy hair with volume. STYLING VERSATILITY The revolutionary design of the 1.25” two-way rotating barrel dries and straightens hair and gives you the option to easily add curl, body, and shine to damp or dry hair. Style starts at the root; glide over roots to straighten and smooth, even start rotation at the base and lift to enhance volume. Effortlessly add those voluminous curves by directing MAX WET TO DRY away from your face. Go one step further and wrap strands around the barrel to create curls and beachy waves that last for days. Use on all hair types: long, short, thinning, thick, coarse, curly, straight, and frizzy. For best results, use on towel dried hair.

Max wet to dry

Maximum Performance

The Max Wet to Dry 2-Way Rotating Iron dries by whisking water out of the hair strand and venting it away. Unlike other wet to dry irons that trap wet hair between two hot plates and boil the water in your hair,Max wet to dry lets you style from wet to dry quickly and helps protect hair from damage.

Ionic Ceramic Technology

The Max Wet to Dry styler is designed with a tourmaline ceramic barrel and ceramic floating plate, which allows your hair to be smoothed and polished without being crushed or damage.

Smooth and Straight

Towel dry your hair to absorb as much moisture as possible. When styling from wet hair to dry hair, always do one pass to dry before styling. Set the Max wet to dry 2-Way Rotating Iron to rotate in the natural direction of your hair by double clicking the barrel to change rotation directions. Max wet to dry will perfectly smooth and polish hair for a straight and sleek style without crushing or creasing the hair. To straighten, close Max wet to dry around a section of hair and glide slowly from root to ends.

Soft Curls and Beachy Waves

For soft curls and beachy waves, wrap a section of hair around the barrel from root to ends and close Max wet to dry around the hair section. Let the rotating barrel do all the work for you. Make sure to hold Max wet to dry in place while closed around the hair section and do not pull through the hair. Let the barrel rotate for 3 to 5 seconds before opening the barrel to release hair, letting the curl gently drop off the barrel.

volumizeVolume and Lift

To give hair an extra lift at the roots, close Max wet to dry around a section of hair at the scalp and let the barrel rotate from root to tips for 3 to 5 seconds before gliding down through to the ends of your hair. For added volume, rotate the barrel in the opposite direction from tip to root to create a backcombing effect.


    • 14 x 6 x 3.2 inches
    • 1.6 lb.

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