iCAR Dent Remover
iCAR Dent Remover
iCAR Dent Remover
iCAR Dent Remover
iCAR Dent Remover

iCAR Dent Remover

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Save yourself thousands in Car Repair with iCAR Dent Remover !

Whether it's your daily commute or your weekend car, you can finally remove those ugly dents! With iCAR Dent Remover we have made it fun and easy! Get it now and your car will thank you later! 


Stop throwing your money away!

Why spend hundred or even thousands of dollars on repairing a dent? 

Fix your cars dent with this simple and easy to use tool in 6 simple steps!

The iCAR Dent Remover is specially designed to repair small and medium size dents. It does not damage the original car paint nor the metal parts. 



  • High Quality Material
  • Easy to use, fix your car dents in 3 minutes.
  • Save you Thousands from Car Repair
  • Perfect for Almost Every Car Surface
  • Does Not Damage Car Paint

        How To Use:

  • 1. Clean surface damage with a damp clean cloth. 
  • 2. put the glue and pistol heat (it also needs about 5-10 min). 
  • 3. pull the trigger and apply the seal design with glue extrusion. 
  • 4. immediately place pad in the center of the dent and hold until it sticks. 
  • 5. Place the stem of the pad through the hole by pulling the bridge and screw knob. 
  • 6. tighten the knob until pad pops out. 
  • 7. Clean the surface.

 Made from high grade and durable polymer our product is made to endure extreme conditions. 

What's more, it contains rubber tabs of different sizes to cater for different sizes of dents so you can finally take care of almost any dent!




  • White Polygon Handle
  •  5pcs Multi Size Tabs
  • 1pc White Knockdown


*Must meet conditions from our return policy 
 Glue stick not included