Magnetic Relief Glove
Magnetic Relief Glove
Magnetic Relief Glove
Magnetic Relief Glove

Magnetic Relief Glove

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Magnetic Relief Glove

Don't miss out on this amazing offer!

This glove can save you from arthritis pain!

Using magnetic acupressure, this therapy glove can give relief from pain due to sore muscles and arthritis. The silicone gel glove lets you use these gloves without getting in the way of your daily tasks.

Our hands do a lot for us every day. But with so many activities, it can lead to painful muscles on our palm that can hinder us throughout the day.

Use magnetic acupressure to relieve pain on your hands. These silicone gloves let you enjoy the effects of magnetic acupressure even while you go about your daily routine.

Stop muscle pain on your hand and thumb! Get relief from this magnetic relief glove!

  • Relief from Pain - Using magnets on key locations on your hand, these gloves can give you pain relief from soreness or arthritis.
  • Soft Silicone Gel - Made with soft and elastic silicone gel, these gloves can be worn at any time of the day. The elasticity of the gloves lets your hand move as you please even while wearing the gloves.
  • One Size Fits Most - No need to choose sizes. This magnetic relief glove fits most hand size so you can share it with the rest of the family.
  • Water-Resistant - You don't need to worry about these gloves while doing your daily chores. These gloves are water-resistant so they can be worn even while you're washing the dishes.

How to use?

  1. Stretch the gloves to fit your palm.
  2. Insert your thumb into the thumb hole.

Save yourself from arthritis pain now!

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